POPocalypse Records: Long rumored, never confirmed, until now!

The POPocalypse Records selections are either of shows that really aren't the highest quality performances or compilation albums for artists that haven't had a proper compilation yet, or maybe a free pirate of something out of print or rare. I will be offering a new CD every two months or so. The albums are free: you provide blank CD-Rs, and I record on them. If you would like artwork, then you can follow the links if you like, just copy the images and size them to 9.5 x 4.75 inches (for the insert card) and 5.877 x 4.627 inches (for the U-card). (Unless the front cover is just a single square, in which case it's 4.75 x 4.75.

The fifteenth POPocalypse Record is now available: Paul McCartney live at Nassau Collisseum in Long Island on the first leg of the Driving USA tour. It's an above average quality audience recording.
The artwork is here:


If you would like this album, then send me two CD-Rs and remember that the quality of your CD-R will have definite impact on how long it lasts. You can give me one in person or mail it to me under standard trade rules. If you don't have my real world address, then e-mail me.

Remember also that these particular CDs and the accompanying artwork are not being offered for profit. Feel free to pass them along to all and sundry with the caveat "STRICTLY NO SALE." I'll be very upset if I find some dealer selling a POPocalypse Record at some show.

If you have not informed me already and you want information on future POPocalypse free CDs, including Pulp and Bryan Ferry, then please let me know and I will add you to my mail group.